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Mahalo Kahiko Soprano Ukulele Transparent Butterscotch Blonde

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This Mahalo ukulele from the Kahiko series is manufactured with a transparent butterscotch blonde semi-gloss finish that allows the natural beauty of the Sengon woodgrain to shine through. As is typical of a Mahalo instrument, these ukuleles are constructed from high quality materials and represent great value for money. 

This Mahalo ukulele is an excellent option for children as it is a genuine, well-constructed musical instrument from a prestigous maker rather than a toy than produces an inferior sound. 

This model is also a popular choice for the adult beginner as it is easy to tune, thanks to the geared machine heads, and is capable of producing full, bright tones with superb volume and resonance.

The comfortable neck is easy to hold. The fingerboard and bridge are manufactured from mahogany. The frets are brass inlays. A lightweight, fabric Mahalo carry bag is included. 


Type: Soprano

Body: Sengon

Neck: Sengon

Fingerboard: Mahogany

Bridge: Mahogany

Machine heads: Vintage, Nickel

Frets: Brass

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